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Why It Works Differently?

According to scientists from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Mutating Fungus Makes Most Antifungals Ineffective and Useless

But This Exotic-Rooted Formula is a Unique Blend That Fungus Has Never Been Exposed To, Killing It Off For Good and Getting Rid of Any Spores that Might Remain Behind. 

Let's Win Your Battle Against Fungus, Now!


Amazing Exotic Formula

  • Bespoke proprietary formula

  • 4 special high-quality oils

  • Powerful mix of 9 oils and minerals

  • Lavender Oil

    Protects nail keratin, Supports the nails and skin, Fights against strong fungus

    Organic Flaxseed Oil

    Boosts skin’s natural immunity, Helps with inflammation, Superfood for your skin

    Almond Oil

    Helps prevent fungus, Protects against infections, Supports healthy nails

    Tea Tree Oil

    Strong antifungal properties, Helps curb fungus growth, Safe and effective

    Lemongrass Oil

    Efficient antifungal, Prevents future infection, Helps with inflammation

    Aloe Vera

    Soothes the skin, Strong antifungal, Moisturizes the skin


    Stable form of Vitamin E, Protects the skin, Prevents skin aging

    Isopropyl Palmitate

    Targets fungus’ root, Helps clear the skin, Supports healthy nails

    Undecylenic Acid

    Beneficial fatty acid, Helps prevent fungus, Helps protect the nails

    Let's Win Your Battle Against Fungus, Now!

    No More Yellow Nails, Cracked Skin, Itching, and Foul Foot Smell.

    Let's Get Your Freedom Back Now!

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